About Us

RPM Productions, Inc. has been affiliated with the Miss Universe Organization since 1979. In her first year as state director, Paula Miles, saw her first Miss South Carolina USA, Shawn Weatherly, win Miss USA and travel to Seoul, South Korea and capture the title of Miss Universe 1980! In 1983, the Miss Teen USA pageant was founded and opened up the Miss Universe Organization to a whole new group of amazing young women. In 1990, RPM took over the state of Louisiana and in 1992 it was awarded the state of North Carolina. After multiple national winners and tremendous long running success, RPM was rewarded once again with the directorship of Alabama in 2011.

National Titleholders

1 Miss Universe | 7 Miss USA’s | 4 Miss Teen USA’s | 1 Miss World

Shawn Weatherly

Miss Universe 1980
Miss USA 1980

Gina Tolleson

Miss World 1990

Lu Parker

Miss USA 1994

Ali Landry

Miss USA 1996

Vanessa Minnillo

Miss Teen USA 1998

Shelley Hennig

Miss Teen USA 2004

Chelsea Cooley

Miss USA 2005

Kristen Dalton

Miss USA 2009

K. Lee Graham

Miss Teen USA 2014

Katherine Haik

Miss Teen USA 2015

Cheslie Kryst

Miss USA 2019

Morgan Romano

Miss USA 2022

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