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Communication with RPM

Timely Completion of Paperwork



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Winners Handbook


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Performance Evaluation Definitions
*1=Fair; 2=Good; 3=Very Good; 4=Excellent

Communication with Office: Responds with text, email or phone call as soon as possible when contacted by the office, even if it only requires an acknowledgement.  Initiates contact weekly if not daily.

Timely Completion of Paperwork:  Getting task completed on or before due dates.

Goals: Continually reassessing your goals and working on them daily to ensure your year is everything you want it to be…no regrets, making contacts that may help you in your future.

Availability for Appearances: Gives serious consideration to all appearances and strives to attend. If unavailable, gives sufficient /just reason why unable to attend. Initiates seeking special appearances and puts the sponsor in contact with the office.

Thank you and Appearance follow up:  Communicates thoughts and experiences of appearance to the office by next business day. Writes thank you notes to sponsors of appearance and if needed sends autographed photo within one week of event.

Social Media: Submits photos of appearances to office, posts about appearances, updates titleholder’s Instagram/Facebook fan pages in a timely fashion so fans and future contestants can come out to events to meet and greet. Promotes volunteering and community involvement. Used as a way to acknowledge and thank sponsors.

Winners Handbook: Read at least once, highlighted points of particular interest and refers to it often.

Balances Titleholder/Personal Responsibilities: Works well with others. Shows compassion and kindness to others. Knows how to balance everyday activities of personal life with preparation, appearances and follow up of titleholder obligations. Is never rude in the presence of a sponsor and is respectful by staying off of phone when in the presence of a sponsor and or their team.

Attendance/Punctuality: Always arrives early or on time for each appearance. Stays for entire event or as needed by sponsor.  If a problem arises, contacts sponsor and office as soon as possible.

Personal Appearance: Realizes the importance of looking like a titleholder at all times. Dresses appropriately for events, always smiling, always engaged with those around. Provides the best of themselves in all tasks and duties they are asked to perform. Always groomed properly; nails appropriately polished, hair cleaned and styled, teeth brushed, whitened and fresh breath.

Fair:  Adequate |   Good:  Able to produce average results   |   Very Good:  Able to produce better than average results     |     Excellent:  Goes above average to produce outstanding results