Sash Order Form

Sashes are custom made, and have a turnaround time of approximately three (3) weeks.
They are shipped via priority mail to the address entered below. You have two options, one with Rhinestones and one without.

  • Sash Usage Agreement

  • 1. I am choosing to purchase an optional sash for use prior to the State Pageant. Usage of this sash for appearances or photos prior to the State Pageant requires prior approval of RPM Productions, Inc.

    2. Usage of my sash will be completed at the completion of the State Pageant.

    3. A different sash reflecting my title will be given to me upon check-in of the State Pageant for use during competition and may be kept as a memento.

    4. I understand if I use this sash for public appearances that are NOT approved, or in situations exhibiting bad taste or poor judgment (i.e. alcohol, nudity, foul language) that my participation in the State Pageant may be terminated and any fees paid will be forfeited.

    5. I understand that should I purchase the optional crown, I may wear the sash alone, AND I may wear the crown with the sash.

  • Contestant Information

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  • Payment

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    Supported Credit Cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa